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Simple Coaching Program At Points

Shahin Sheidaei

Simple Coaching Program At Points

Posted: 19 Feb 2018 07:54 PM PST

I ran a coaching program at Points. This mini-coaching program, which I called it Simple Coaching Program was mainly designed for Scrum Masters. However, Scrum Master Managers, Development Leads, and Project Managers joined the program as well.

The Simple Coaching Program consisted of the following topics:
  • Coaching (Simple Coaching Model)
  • Conflict and how we deal with it
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questions  
  • Feedback
I chose above topics as I believe they are the top differentiator between a being good Scum Master and a great one. 

The Coaching Session - At Points
Would you be interested in a similar program to elevate you, your colleagues, or your employees? Do you want to learn more about it? Please let me know and I'll be happy to answer your questions or discuss details with you.
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Some Interesting Events for You

I thought you might be interested in learning about some good events that I am attending. I have attended them in the past. I am talking I am speaking at some, volunteer at others, and lead one. I hope you find these information helpful. 

Where I speak

Envision Agile - February 22nd
On February 22nd, I am going to talk at a local Toronto meetup on coaching, and how to use it in your daily life. I am going to introduce the audience to the Simple Coaching Model ( The event is full, but there might be room. You can find more about it @

Agile Games 2018 - April 9-11th 
Carlos and I are going to facilitate the Modern XP Game session at the Agile Games 2018 in Boston, New England. It is happening on April 9-11, 2018. If you have not seen the original XP game, we highly suggest you to attend the Agile Games and watch that play out. It is a highly engaging activity that gets people talking about core Agile values. And we took it to the next level. You can find more about it @

Agile and Beyond 2018 - May 16-18th
I am going to present at Agile and Beyond 2018 as well. It is happening on May 16-18, 2018 at Eagle Crest Conference Center (Ypsilanti, MI). My session is "Your Inner Leader and Coaching". If you are interested in learning how coaching can help you become a better leader, make sure to join me for this session. I am also co-presenting with Shawn Button another session on change and community, called "Community-Driven Change". Join us and hear what we have to share when it comes to a sustainable change in organizations. You can find more about it @ 

Where I Lead

Agile Lunch - February 26th
On February 26th, we're going to have Peter Lepaine for the Agile Lunch. He is going to talk about experimentation and answer any question you have. Agile Lunch is in second year. And this is the third session we have an honorary guest. We had great speakers such as Jason Little, and Gil Broza.  You can find more about it @ 

Where I Volunteer and Organize

GTA Coach Retreat - April 7th
Are you interested to learn more about Coaching? Do you want to practice it in a safe environment? This is for you. This year we are going to have guest speakers Michael Spayd and Michele Madore. Come on, learn from the experts in the morning, and practice in the afternoon, create connections and become better at what you do. You can find more about it @ 

Spark The Change - June 7-8th
Spark the Change is a global event for the whole organization. It brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. To learn more about the previous year's events head to You also can benefit from the very early bird tickets.  

Where I Take Part

Agile Coach Camp Canada - June 1-3rd
Agile Coach Camp Canada is a friendly, enthusiastic and safe environment. We encourage diversity in people, ideas, opinions, and points of view. I am going to be there, learning with others, connecting with old friends and making new ones, filling my tank and most importantly having fun. You can find more about it @ 

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